Investigator's Brochure (IB) Table


Vaccine Name Sort descending Vaccine Company IB Date Risk List Available?
10-1074 Rockefeller University/Mass Biologics September 2020
16055 NFL Delta Gly4 Env Protein Trimer, Adjuvanted with 3M-052 AF + Alum DAIDS/NIAID/NIH December 2022
426c.Mod.Core-C4b, Adjuvanted DAIDS/NIAID/NIH June 2023
AdC6-HIVgp140, AdC7-HIVgp140, CH505TF/GLA-SE Vaccines DAIDS/NIAID/NIH March 2021
BG505 SOSIP.664 gp140 DAIDS/NIAID/NIH January 2023
CH505 TF chTrimer - New - New DAIDS/NIAID/NIH September 2022
ChAdOx1.HIVconsv62 University of Oxford April 2023
ChAdOx1.tHIVconsv1 University of Oxford December 2022
CMV-MVA Triplex City of Hope National Medical Center May 2023
EnvSeq-1 and EnvSeq-2 DAIDS/NIAID/NIH October 2022
GLA-SE Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) May 2023
GS-2872 (10-1074 LS) Gilead Sciences October 2022
GS-5423 (3BNC117-LS) Gilead Sciences January 2023
Hepatitis B Vaccine Recombinant, Adjuvanted (Heplisav-B) Dynavax Technologies Corporation September 2021
INO-6160 and INO-6172 DAIDS/NIAID/NIH January 2023
MPER-656 Liposomes with Aluminum Hydroxide Suspension DAIDS/NIAID/NIH February 2019
mRNA-1273 ModernaTX December 2020
mRNA-1574 Trimer Vaccines - New - New DAIDS/NIAID/NIH July 2023
MTBVAC Biofabri January 2023
MVA-CMDR Walter Reed Army Institute Research (WRAIR) November 2019