Site Deregistration

Any CRS that has completed the DAIDS protocol registration process for a protocol (main or sub-study), must complete the DAIDS deregistration process for each protocol to which it is registered.

Note: Deregistration is NOT performed automatically when a study is completed.

Deregistration can be requested when either of the following have occurred:

  • The CRS no longer has participants on study (all follow-up has been completed) and does not plan to enroll additional subjects
  • If no participants were ever enrolled at the CRS and the study has closed to accrual

Additional information can be found in:
The Protocol Registration Manual
Version MAN-A15-OPC-001.00 - March 2019

Guidance Regarding DAIDS Deregistration Process:
DAIDS Deregistration
Version 2.0 - November 2018

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