NIAID-Funded Research News

Below are links to press releases about NIAID-funded research from some of the institutions we support.

July 2019

Researchers' Virus Discovery Could Help Fight Autoimmune Disease

July 9, 2019 --- University of Maryland Department of Veterinary Medicine

Combining Antibiotics, Researchers Deliver One-Two Punch Against Ubiquitous Bacterium

July 8, 2019 --- Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

B Cells Off the Rails Early in Lupus

July 3, 2019 --- Emory University School of Medicine

UAB Center for AIDS Research Receives $7.5 Million Grant Renewal

July 2, 2019 --- University of Alabama at Birmingham

U.S. Clinical Trials for More Effective Flu Vaccine

July 2, 2019 --- Flinders University

Standard TB Tests May Not Detect Infection in Certain Exposed Individuals

July 1, 2019 --- University Hospitals in Cleveland

June 2019

Veterinary College Receives $3.1 Million NIH Grant to Create Universal Flu Vaccine

June 28, 2019 --- Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

Controlling Deadly Malaria Without Chemicals

June 28, 2019 --- University of California, Riverside

New Therapy Targets Gut Bacteria to Prevent and Reverse Food Allergies

June 24, 2019 --- Brigham and Women’s Hospital

FAU Receives NIH Grant to Develop Rapid, Reliable, Low-Cost HIV Test

June 20, 2019 --- Florida Atlantic University

University Distinguished Professor X.J. Meng Awarded Nearly $2 Million NIH Grant Renewal

June 20, 2019 --- Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

Treatment for Common Cause of Diarrhea More Promising

June 20, 2019 --- Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

New Drugs Show Promise Against Malaria Parasite

June 13, 2019 --- Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Deadly Tick-Borne Virus Cured with Experimental Flu Drug, in Mice

June 13, 2019 --- Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis