DAIDS Adverse Experience Reporting System (DAERS) System Problems Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes there is quite a bit of lag time to reach the successfully saved on screen confirmation for each section. What should I do if the screen takes an unusually long to time to save the information for a section?

Internet connection speeds vary depending on circumstances at each CRS, i.e. time of day/high internet traffic, slower connections in remote areas, broadband vs. dial up vs. satellite connection, etc. These different circumstances will impact the speed of DAERS. You can use the following options to troubleshoot in order to determine whether the lag time is a DAERS system issue or an internet connection issue.

  • Determine if other internet websites are moving slowly as well. If so, your internet connection as a whole will have significant lag time for DAERS and all other websites.
  • You may also want to enter the EAE when internet traffic is lower, i.e. evening hours. Or if timelines are at risk, fill out the paper form and fax the EAE report to the RSC.
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