DAIDS Adverse Experience Reporting System (DAERS) Updating EAEs Frequently Asked Questions

I need to update an EAE with a corrected death date in DAERS that occurred in Jan 2007. Upon updating the EAE with the corrected information, and doing a completion check, there were numerous incomplete fields. The EAE was in DAERS, but had no other information. Do we have to enter the whole event in DAERS when updating an EAE that occurred prior to DAERS?

For EAEs that were sent to the RSC prior to the rollout of DAERS, the data was migrated into to DAERS so that updates to those reports could be created in DAERS. For the migrated reports, only certain fields and sections were carried over in the migration; therefore you may notice some blank fields where there may have been data in the paper form. If desired, you may re-enter the missing optional fields in your update report.

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