DAIDS Protocol Registration System Frequently Asked Questions

The DAIDS Protocol Registration System (DPRS) does not allow me to select my site number; thus registration materials cannot be submitted at this time. What do I do next?

You must contact your DAIDS Program Officer or OCSO representative so that your status can be updated.

The DPRS does not allow me to select the protocol I am trying to submit registration documents for and displays a message that my site is not eligible to participate in the study. What do I do next?

You must contact your Network Operations Center to verify your eligibility and so that your status can be updated in the DPRS.

What if I have problems submitting documents using the DPRS?

In the case that documents are unable to be submitted through the DPRS an alternate submission method such as e-mail (see ELECTRONIC PROTOCOL REGISTRATION [EPR] GUIDELINES [APRIL 2010] at https://rsc.niaid.nih.gov/clinical-research-sites/protocol-registration-forms, facsimile or mail may be used.

How can I determine the reason for a material request or required corrections in the case of an Approval with required corrections?

To determine the reason that corrected or additional materials were requested, you can search submissions for the particular submission and view notifications by selecting the Notifications Tab. Submitted documents can be seen in the History Tab.

How do I return to the home screen from the search submission screen?

You can return to the home screen from any other screen by selecting the Home Icon in the menu bar.

Nothing has appeared in my Alerts section.

The Alerts window contains reminders for submissions that have been paused or for which there are required corrections for an Approval of Required Corrections. Once the system is fully in use, alert notifications will be populated as needed for items that are required or delinquent.

It is not clear what the distinction is between “Paused”, “Review in Progress”, “Editing Submission”, and “Pending submission”.

These definitions as well as others are available in the help file. For a description of these statuses, select Help, search Submissions and Submission Status and a brief description of all the different possible statuses will be displayed for you.

Can I search for my submissions by my site number?

Yes. In the search submissions screen, you can enter all or part of your site number and your site should show in a dropdown list. In addition, you can select the List of Values and change the filter setting to Site ID and enter your site number.

I cannot remember my packet number. How do I find my previous submissions?

From the Search Submissions screen, you can search for a submission by type, status, site number, protocol number, IoR and submission dates as well as via the packet number.

What is the difference between a “Change of IoR” and an “Updated IoR Agreement” or "Updated Form FDA 1572" submission type?

A Change of Investigator of Record (IoR) is the change of the actual person that will function as the IoR for a specific study at a specific site. A change of IoR requires the submission of a new Form FDA 1572 or IoR agreement and a CV for the new IoR. An updated IoR agreement is just an updated copy of the actual signed agreement. Updated IoR agreements or Form FDA 1572s are required anytime that a change to one of the sections in the form is made at the site.

What does RA in the document type IRB/EC/RA Documentation mean?

RA stands for Regulatory Agency. This documentation type is used for all Investigational Review Board documentation, Ethics Committee documentation or for documentation from any other Regulatory Agency that may be required based on the site's specific location and the governing rules for that location.

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